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Get to Know the Story Behind ATCO Pest Control

ATCO Pest Control is an independent family-owned business, and it shows in our commitment to eco-friendly treatments and personalized service. We’re proud to help our neighbors around the Bay Area keep their homes fortified against any type of pest. 

About ATCO Pest Control

As a family-owned, independent company, ATCO takes pride in designing pest management strategies tailored to the individual needs and preferences of its clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Owners Richard and Estella Estrada have over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry.

ATCO Pest Control provides a range of services and provides care for residential homeowners, commercial building owners, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and more. ATCO’s technicians focus on creating effective, long-term solutions for specific pest problems. 

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ATCO Isn't "Just Another Pest Control Company"

You may see one of our ATCO Pest Control trucks driving next to you on the highway, or you may even see one of our vehicles parked near your home. Regardless of where you have seen our vehicles or how you may know about us, you may wonder how ATCO is different than every other pest control company?

  • We take pride in the variety of services that we offer.
  • It is our customers’ needs and best interest that always comes first.
  • We deeply care about our environmental impact.
  • We only use products to control insects that are made from essential plant oils and minerals mined from the earth and other natural ingredients.
  • We are the most eco-friendly certified pest control company in the Bay Area.

Trust the Awarded Pest Control Company

In 2009, ATCO Pest Control won the IPM Innovators Award from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), and they followed that up by contributing to the 2011 award by DPR to Marin County Parks. Marin County Parks won this award, and ATCO is a major contributor to Marin County Parks reducing its pesticide and rodenticide usage by over 80%. 

How We Became What We Are Now

Both Richard and Estella grew up in Iowa, and after getting married, they moved to California. After starting a commercial cleaning business with Estella, Richard began work with ATCO in 1997, and soon let the owner know he would like to acquire the company. In 2003, he and Estella bought the company, and have been growing since then. Richard is primarily responsible for the training and operations of the company, and Estella is primarily responsible for the administration and logistics side of the business.

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