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An ATCO Testimonial

This past month a gentleman referred by a friend, an ATCO client, called with this dilemma. For the past several months he had suffered from bites. His physician had identified them as mite bites, but couldn’t be sure of the source. The doctor had suggested rats, and the gentleman, embarrassed, had replied, “I don’t have rats!”

But as the situation continued, he looked for help. When the ATCO technician arrived, the man repeated that he didn’t believe he had rats. After all, he lived in Marin, at the top of the hill, in a modern condo. But when the technician crawled under the structure, the evidence was readily apparent. Rats: the suggested mite-vector. The gentleman was happy to have the problem potentially identified, and happier when he learned that the remedy included traps and sealing his home, rather than use of heavy-duty poisons. He was happier still when the ATCO technician looked for another rat access point under a deck. The man hadn’t even thought to suggest it. But there it was, another place where rats had clearly entered the structure. It, too, was routinely sealed.

So what are the take-aways here? First of all, it’s clear that rats, like so many other insects, rodents, and spiders, are “equal-opportunity pests.” Rats don’t care what figure is on the tax return. They are happy to go wherever they can. The stigma that many feel about pest infestation is in most cases not justified. The presence of pests may very well have nothing to do with the “invitation” of an unsanitary household. Second, ATCO technicians are expert problem solvers. In this situation—really more of a medical mystery at first—the discovery of rat infestation contradicted the beliefs of the client even as it confirmed the suspicions of the physician. The technician had to be confident as well as well-trained to identify and discover the problem. Finally, the technician took the initiative to look for additional points of entry. Some would have been satisfied to have found one source. The ATCO technician took the extra step to make sure the situation was properly and thoroughly addressed.

Of course ATCO technicians are discreet, as well as expertly trained. We use the latest industry-leading IPM treatments, so our treatments are not only effective, they are pet and child-safe and mindful of the environment. Diamond Certified and ECO-wise certified, we are recognized as leaders in the area, and in the industry. If you, a neighbor or a friend has a pest problem, call ATCO.