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Bedbugs are Occupying the Bay Area

Bedbugs are opportunists and they’re hitchhikers, so if you’re in the right place at the wrong time you could bring them home, no matter who you are or what your social status is.

Although bedbugs don’t carry disease and they’re not dangerous, we are finding that there is a psychological cost with their infestation. I don’t think it has anything to do with their bites: I think that it impacts the human psyche in a different way. We’ve dealt with a number of situations where folks just feel like they can’t keep living if they have to deal with this, which is sad for us. It’s almost like a feeling of despair on their part. I’ve never seen anything like it, and they’re so hard to get rid of. So there is a psychological effect and a disruption in their life and in their lifestyle that has to be factored in to a bedbug infestation.

The good news is that ATCO can be successful in removing a bedbug infestation in a safe way that doesn’t endanger people or pets.