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What Happens to Rodents During the Winter?

rodent in the snow upclose

Most of us have a favorite season or maybe just a climate we prefer. For those who dislike winter, you may be thinking at least I don’t have to deal with as many insects or rodents. However, have you ever wondered where do these animals go in the winter? Of course, there are some animals, such as bears, that hibernate all winter. Then there are other animals, such as birds, that migrate south to warmer climates. However, what happens to those animals that do not migrate and do not hibernate during the winter? 

Types of winter rodents

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Bears
  • Squirrels
  • Groundhogs

When are mice and rats most active?

Rats and mice are more active during the summer and fall months. They are active during this time because they are gathering food to store for the winter. However, this does not mean they hibernate during the winter. Although they are active year-round, they may reduce their activity when it is cold to conserve their energy.

Why do rodents enter your home?

Be mindful that the drop in temperature can drive mice and rats inside your home. Even though they have food stored away, if they start to run out of food, they may start to scramble for food and look inside your home. They are seeking nourishment and shelter, and they need a warm place to stay during the cold winter months.

Prevent a rodent infestation

In order to prevent rodents from entering your home, make sure you keep your home clean. Do not leave any food out and clean up any crumbs. Especially during the winter months, avoid creating areas that provide shelter, such as leaf piles, shrubs, debris, and wood piles. Make sure that there is not easy access to food and water.

Unfortunately, when winter hits you cannot let your guard down. Rodents never stop no matter what time of year it is, and neither do we!

If you find a rodent in your home or are seeing signs,

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