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Five Reasons Why a Long Term Service Agreement with ATCO Makes Sense

Yes, it’s always possible to wait until a pest management need arises to call us. We are local, responsive and we’re ready to help. But rather than waiting for the crisis to occur, consider why a long term agreement might be right for you.

1. Proactive Service

Rather than responding to a pest management issue already in progress, we can inspect, identify and redress potential problems before they become real problems. For example, if you have standing water left over from winter rains, or collecting under your deck from overhead watering, you will soon be breeding mosquitos. Whether because of the simple nuisance of biting insects, or because of concern about mosquito-borne diseases, you don’t want to wait until the larvae have hatched to call us. With a service visit, we can eliminate the source of a future infestation and save you the discomfort and worry.

2. Potential Savings

You take your car in for regular service. It’s cheaper (and safer) to keep your vehicle in good working order than it is to deal with a breakdown. The same logic works for pest management. When a potential problem is identified and taken care of, you head off the more complex and difficult task of remediating an established infestation. If we see signs of termites, we can address the problem before the problem spreads and becomes structural damage to your home.

3. Customized Service

When you are a regular service customer, we have a history with you. We have a record of not only what you have requested of us, but of what we’ve specifically done for you. We tailor our service to you. If you’ve had trouble in past months or years with rodents in a crawl space, we will have a good idea of what kind of pest you’re dealing with and we can check the access points to make sure our countermeasures are still in place. If your neighborhood is prone to high water in the wet weather, we can look for signs of dampness under your house, and notice changes since our last visit. Whatever the issue, our service record will provide guidance to your current needs.

4. Faster, Familiar Service

Whenever anyone calls us, we respond promptly and professionally. That’s just good business. But when an emergency arises, you’ll have our number at hand. And when you call and hear us say, “I see you’re a service agreement customer, and we want to be sure you’re really taken care of,” you feel the peace of mind that comes of being a familiar, valued client. Likely, the technician who shows up will be someone you know, who you’ve seen before. Of course, we hope you don’t need us for those emergency calls, but if you do, you’ll be glad you are part of the ATCO family.

5. Trust

Finally, a long term relationship of any sort is built on trust. Establishing a service agreement with us allows you to build trust in our company, in our people and in our service. Again, trust means peace of mind for you.
As always, we are your Diamond Certified, Eco-Wise Certified local pest management contractors. Call us today about setting up a long term service contract.