Family-owned and locally operated, ATCO Pest Control has been offering full service pest management to the San Francisco North Bay area since 1985. We help our clients live a lifestyle that’s in as much harmony with their natural environment as possible while still providing comfort that is environmentally aware and sensitive.  We don’t just kill everything in sight.

Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient long-term solutions to pest issues with the highest standards of customer service. We listen to and work with our clients.

EcoSense Pest Control

Eco Sense Pest ControlIn response to the demand by our residential and commercial customers for green solutions, ATCO has developed a proprietary EcoSense methodology. Our technicians consult with each client to determine the ideal mix of effective and environmentally friendly treatments for the particular situation. Using the EcoSense technique, we can safely remove the sources of infestations and manage them with a combination of inspections, treatments, and ongoing client communication.

Our client-centered program begins with a full inspection of your home or office, and the surrounding property, to discover how and why pests are invading the property and structure. We provide you with a detailed plan that includes a range of solutions for your existing pest problems. After discussing the options with you, we implement a strategy to address the current situation and prevent problems from recurring. While we can and do provide traditional pest control techniques, our team specializes in the use of physical and mechanical methods such as steam or vacuum processes, as well as botanical products, when warranted.

ATCO Pest Control – Removing Ants without Pesticides

EcoWise Integrated Pest Management

Certified by EcoWise to employ common sense Integrated Pest Management techniques to effectively control pests without harmful pesticidesATCO Pest Control is also proud to be one of the first San Francisco Bay Area pest control companies to be certified by EcoWise, a program that distinguishes pest control practitioners who employ common sense Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to effectively control pests without using harmful pesticides. A number of local municipalities have awarded pest control contracts to ATCO based on our leading edge EcoWise certification. Recently, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation recognized Marin County Parks and ATCO Pest Control with an IPM Innovators award (see video).

Diamond Certified Award

In September 2009, ATCO Pest Control earned the coveted Diamond Certified Award, and has been certified continually since that time. Please see our video below:

The company also provides tree protection services—it’s certified to treat and prevent Sudden Oak Death, and it uses an injection process called Direct Inject to eliminate fungus-related problems and arboreal pests such as oak worms and tent caterpillars.

Termite Control

Our sister company, ATCO Termite Control & Home Restoration, treats termites, dry rot, fungus and wood boring beetles. We also perform Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Reports and repair termite-damaged wood.