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Our Pest Control Blog

When you’re dealing with a pest infestation, the best thing you can do for your home is call in an expert. However, there are still lots of tips and tricks you can use to keep your home from being an inviting environment for creepy crawlies. Our experts keep our blog updated with articles on all things pest control so you can make the most of our treatments.


Protecting Your Home and Family from Yellowjackets with Eco-Friendly Methods

As summer approaches, the threat of yellowjackets increases, posing a significant danger to your home and family. At ATCO Pest Control, we understand the vital role pollinators like honey bees play in our ecosystem, but we also recognize the aggression of yellowjackets, especially around sweet drinks and protein foods. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, grounded in eco-friendly methods, ensures effective yellowjacket control while preserving the environment. Learn about our comprehensive yellowjacket trapping services and take advantage of our special promotion: 20% off your first service with the signing of an ongoing contract—just mention this ad!Read more
Agape Charity Golf Tournament

President's Corner

ATCO Pest Control recently hosted its First Annual Agape Charity Golf Tournament at the StoneTree Golf Club in Novato, benefiting the North Bay Regional Center (NBRC) and Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC). These organizations support over 22,000 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities across six counties. The event was a tremendous success, thanks to the participation of community members and partners such as Eclipse Business Insurance, Bay Club, 95.7 The Game, Rush Injury Law, and Harbor Truck & Van. A highlight of the event was a touching story shared by a board member who received crucial support from NBRC during a difficult time, showcasing the profound impact of the organizations. The day featured perfect weather, camaraderie, and generosity, culminating in a memorable awards ceremony. The event underscored the importance of community support and the vital work of NBRC and GGRC. Looking ahead, ATCO Pest Control aims to expand the tournament and continue raising funds for these essential services.Read more
Fleas on the lookout: These tiny terrors lie in wait for their next host.

Fleas and Ticks: Tiny Terrorists, Big Problems

Summer brings outdoor fun but also the threat of fleas and ticks, which can cause discomfort and serious health issues for both pets and humans. Fleas are agile insects that reproduce rapidly, while ticks are arachnids that can transmit diseases. Preventing these pests is crucial to protect pets, family members, and to enjoy peace of mind. ATCO Pest Control offers expert services with experienced professionals, customized treatment plans, pet-friendly solutions, long-term protection, and exceptional customer service. Contact ATCO for a free consultation to keep your summer pest-free.Read more
This month, we are thrilled to introduce Jon Machado, our esteemed Service Manager here at ATCO.

Meet Jon Machado: Our Dedicated Service Manager

Join us as we spotlight Jon Machado, our dedicated Service Manager at ATCO. With 20 years of experience in the pest control industry and a decade of service at ATCO, Jon's extensive knowledge and passion for his work make him an invaluable asset to our team. Discover Jon's journey, his favorite aspects of the job, and his personal hobbies in our latest blog post.Read more
Protect your home from Termites. Early detection and prevention is essential.

Protect Your Home from Termites and Wood-Destroying Organisms: The Importance of Regular Inspections

Termites and other wood-destroying organisms pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your home. Regular inspections by ATCO Pest Control can detect early signs of infestation, preventing costly damage. Our eco-friendly treatment options, including targeted and localized methods, offer effective alternatives to tenting. With over 15 years of Diamond Certification and a commitment to Integrated Pest Management, ATCO Pest Control provides sustainable, community-focused pest solutions.Read more
A Day of Golf, Community, and Generosity: Highlights from Our Inaugural Event

Highlights from the 1st Annual Agape Golf Tournament Hosted by ATCO Pest Control and Eclipse Insurance

The 1st Annual Agape Golf Tournament, hosted by ATCO Pest Control and Eclipse Insurance, was a remarkable success, bringing the community together for a day of golf and charity. The event was generously supported by Marin Pool Service, Select Environmental, and Eisen Environmental. Their sponsorship, along with the contributions from other sponsors and attendees, enabled us to make significant donations to the North Bay Regional Center and the Golden Gate Regional Center. These organizations provide essential services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Bay Area. The event’s success has us excited for next year’s tournament. To stay updated, email Bonnie at bonnie@atcopestcontrol.com .Read more

Tick Awareness Week

This tick season, stay ahead with ATCO Pest Control! As temperatures rise and outdoor adventures beckon, it's crucial...Read more

Spring Solutions: Managing Wasp Populations for a Pest-Free Home

As spring brings forth its beauty, it also brings the presence of unwelcome guests – wasps. While these insects serve vital roles in nature as predators, they can pose problems when they encroach upon human spaces. ATCO Pest Control offers effective, chemical-free wasp trapping services to manage populations around homes and public areas. By baiting traps with sweet substances in spring and protein-based attractants in summer, they capture and control wasps without harm. Additionally, they advise homeowners on steps to prevent wasp activity, such as identifying nests, avoiding disturbance, eliminating food sources, and discouraging nesting. With a commitment to protecting homes and families, ATCO Pest Control aims to ensure peace of mind for their customers by keeping homes free from the intrusion of wasps and other pests.Read more
Richard Estrada, President - Demonstrating The Importance Of Quality Screen Vents.

President's Corner - April 2024

As we celebrate our 20th year at ATCO Pest Control, I find myself reflecting on the journey that brought us here. From humble beginnings around the dinner table to navigating the complexities of business ownership, one thing remains constant: the invaluable support and wisdom of those around us. Join me as we express gratitude to our mentors, colleagues, and dedicated team members whose collective knowledge and experience have been instrumental in our success.Read more
Jeremy Noland, ATCO's Route Supervisor

This Month's Spotlight

Meet Jeremy Noland, our Route Supervisor, with eight years of dedication to ATCO. Starting as a customer service rep, he swiftly transitioned to accounting and later excelled in commercial operations. Jeremy's versatility and growth embody ATCO's ethos. Passionate about aiding colleagues and customers, he finds fulfillment in nurturing his team's skills. Beyond work, Jeremy cherishes beach outings with his wife, indulges in baseball and football, and unwinds with video games at home.Read more