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As we move into the winter season one thing we should all be concerned about is, how can I protect my home from rodents?

In the Bay Area, there are three different types of rats which include the roof rat, the Norway rat, and the wood rat. The wood rat can typically be found closer to the coast, in the country side. The Norway and roof rats are typically the ones that end up invading and infesting a home. Norway rats are known to burrow very well, whereas roof rats are great climbers. 

Just as we seek warmth in the winter, rodents are seeking warmer temperatures too. People tend to see more activity in the winter as rodents are trying to enter warmer environments such as an attic or a sub area of a house. So you may ask, ‘how can I keep rodents out of my home?’

Some helpful tips to keep rodents away would include: trimming trees, bushes and other plants back away from the house. Have at least a three feet gap from any branches touching the roof. If you have any fruit trees, make sure to pick the remaining fruit. Removing any fruit from trees and the ground will reduce rodent activity. Lastly, by removing any bird feeders that will also help reduce rodent activity.

Watch out for areas like this! Rodents love to nest in here.


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