Ant Control

ant control photoATCO has two processes for taking care of the ants.  One is a traditional spraying of the ants and maybe baiting on the inside, but we also offer our EcoSense program for those customers who don’t want us to use insecticides. We are able to do both processes and we kind of get a sense for what our customers are looking for. For customers who urgently need an immediate remediation, we offer to use a traditional insecticide in a safe manner and with the use of baits on the inside.  We do not spray inside the home.  For many customers, especially those with pets and children, we offer the installation of ant bait stations around the outside.  Part of this process is also doing an inspection and identifying actions that the customer can do to minimize ant activity in the landscape or even inside the home.  So the services are a somewhat different.

Ant Control Mistakes

The biggest ant control challenge we face is having customers attempt to handle the problem on their own before they call us.  Whenever a customer uses over-the-counter sprays which are a contact insecticide or flushing agent, they kill the ones that the product comes in contact with, but they scatter the ones that it does not kill, and  by the time we come in to do our process, there are multiple ant colonies.  Our recommendation is to not attempt control, but to call us as soon as possible to eliminate the problem.