Eco Sense Pest ControlEcoSense is a service we created here at ATCO Pest Control, and it lies between traditional pest control and IPM. Traditional pest control is when a company comes out and uses pesticides to control pests or herbicides to control weeds or rodenticides to control rats.  That’s traditional. Some providers in the industry are moving away from traditional to IPM.  The problem with controlling pests through IPM in a residential setting is getting everybody to do their part.  It’s not entirely practical.  So ATCO Pest Control came up with EcoSense, which fits right between traditional and IPM.  We define EcoSense  as a commitment to control the pests using the safest manner and the safest products available to us, but we’re not hemmed in.  In Integrated Pest Management, which is the process that EcoWise takes, you must use the insecticides that are on their list.  With EcoSense, if our technicians are at the client location and they see the pest present, they don’t have to go through the process of getting approval and making sure it’s an approved product.  We use what we need to, but it’s going to be in a very limited manner and very spot specific.  We’re going to inform the client what we think they can do to help minimize the problem as well.  So it’s an in-between step, and with most of our customers, we use the EcoSense process.