Flea Control

flea controlThe first task in controlling fleas is try to figure out who is the carrier.  It could be a pet or it could be an animal coming on to the property, which is very typical.  Our experience is that almost 90 percent of the time, skunks, opossums and deer are bringing them onto the property, and those animals are resting on the property and then as people are making their way into their home, they’re being attacked by fleas and bringing them inside.  It’s not too often that it’s the pet because most everyone has their pets treated. Often, we’ll have to do some exclusionary work on the home, in other words, seal it up so animals cannot get under the home. Fleas who have hitched a ride on an animal will come up from the bottom of the home, or jump onto people as they’re walking up to their home and bring them inside.

We find at ATCO that flea control is not a huge issue at this time.  When pet flea control products arrived on the market in the late 90’s, the flea control segment almost died, but it has picked back up recently. Researchers are investigating whether fleas are developing resistance to what’s being put on the pets or whether there are other causes.