Integrated Pest Management

integrated pest management servicesIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecological approach to pest control that integrates pesticides/herbicides into a management system that includes a number of practices for the economic control of pests, including prevention, observation, and non-poisonous intervention when possible.

Ultimately, IPM is a process to control pests that involves all parties, including the pest control company, household residents, and even local government .  It relies on monitoring and understanding the pest, and everybody doing their part.  This same approach applies for all clients from homeowners to municipalities.

For example, let’s use rodents. The client observes that rodents are present and calls a pest control organization. Traditional pest control companies put out poison and get rid of them, but instead of doing that, an IPM provider will tell the client how to prevent them from coming in.  The IPM provider will identify where all the openings are and get rid of the ones that are present, and then do ongoing monitoring or trapping from there on out so that way the problem never gets out of control again.  A trained IPM provider has to have a good understanding of what the pest does and its behavior and what conditions are conducive to the existence of those types of pests.