Raccoon and Skunk Control

raccoon and skunk controlThe first task that ATCO does is to identify how raccoons or skunks are getting under someone’s house or in someone’s attic.  We can install one-way doors and once the raccoon or skunk leaves a given space, we can seal it up so they can’t get back in. However, if they have young we are prohibited by law from doing any remediation.  We have to wait until the mother takes the babies and leaves, and at that point we can get everything sealed.

We do see raccoons tearing up lawns and we do have a couple of treatment methods for that.  The raccoons are after lawn insects, so we kill the lawn insects. The other treatment is to put out netting, which we’ve found to be very effective.  In areas where they’re pulling back the grass, we place some netting so they can’t pull anything back, and they become frustrated and they move on.

One of the other services that we do offer and get calls for is removing dead animals from underneath the home or in the attic of the home, so we do do that and disinfect the area.