Wood Destroying Organisms

termite controlWood destroying organisms, also known as WDO, covers anything that destroys wood.  This includes subterranean termites, dry wood termites, damp wood termites, beetles, typically powder post beetles.  You also have infections of fungi that can destroy wood such as white rot and dry rot.  ATCO is able to not only remediate these organisms, but we are also able to repair any damage that they have caused to the structure.  We have five staff members that used to be in the construction field who are highly trained carpenters.

ATCO also offers inspections for real estate agents who are representing buyers or sellers and we’re also able to perform those types of inspections for homeowners who have not had an inspection on their home in the past three to five years.  Our WDO reports review 11 components making up a structure and we investigate for all of those organisms that can destroy wood.