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Strange Bedfellows? Not!

Okay, students, for the next question, here are three businesses or organizations. Name the one that DOESN’T match the other two:

a) Marin Conservation League,
b) WildCare,
c) a pest management company

Most of you answered, “C,” right? Wrong! If that business is ATCO Pest Control, they all fit together very nicely!

ATCO was given The IPM Innovator Award from the state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation back in 2009. Our track record is well established. And this month, the Marin Conservation League mentioned ATCO prominently in the January/February issue of their periodical, stating, “we’re counting on ATCO to lead the way in integrated pest management (IPM) techniques that protect our environment.” The writer went on to cite specific ways in which ATCO does just that:

  • Controlling ants and supporting water quality at the same time by using a naturally occurring ingredient in thoughtfully placed traps rather than using synthetic sprays.
  • Moving away from rodenticides and toward trapping of rats and other rodents.
  • Protecting bees by having swarm extractions performed by our beekeeper, and avoiding use of insecticides containing neonicotinoids on flowering fruit trees and shrubs.
  • Not just talking the talk, but “driving the drive” by downsizing our fleet from gas-powered vehicles to hybrids whenever the IPM service can be done without a truck.

The article ends by noting that a company this good must be going places, and indeed we are! This past month we relocated to our new, larger digs in Bel Marin Keys.

All this publicity caught the eye of Julie Allecta, a director at WildCare in San Rafael. In a letter to ATCO president, Richard Estrada, Ms. Allecta identified herself as “as longtime client of ATCO and a strong proponent of better environmental practices” including the improvement of rodenticide protocols. She too congratulated ATCO on the award and the ongoing work toward protecting the environment and serving their clients with industry-leading IPM practices at the same time.

So we need to rewrite the test to include “none of the above.” ATCO is a true partner with WildCare and the Marin Conservation League in protecting Marin’s beautiful and fragile environment.