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When Rodents Invade Bay Area Homes! The 3 steps to take to guard your home.

Several neighbors have posted on this winter about invasive rodents of one sort or another. For some it was squirrels in the attic. For some it was skunks under the deck and house. For others, rats had made their way into the attic. None of these guests was welcome, of course. Many of our neighbors already had good ideas for getting rid of them. Here’s a quick look at the remediation process the pest control professionals at ATCO Pest Control recommend.

Preventing Access

With attic pests, one means of access is overhanging branches. So a first step in a removal plan is to deny rodents an easy way onto the roof. Trimming back branches won’t necessarily deter all these critters, because they are resourceful and agile, and if the attraction to an attic space is strong enough, they will find another way to get in. Still, making sure branches don’t overhang your roof will do some good.

For other means of access, blocking openings by which rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and skunks may invite themselves in is another important step. Chris Garcia, Branch Manager for ATCO Pest Control, recommends sealing openings around vents, and checking for other small holes around the perimeter of a structure.
According to UC IPM web site on “How to Manage Pests Rats” Norway and roof rats can squeeze through gaps ½ inch or more. By sealing these openings rodents can’t get in. In turn, they will possibly look elsewhere for shelter. ATCO Pest Control licensed technician know what products to use to keep them out, and we know where to look for the most likely sources of entrance.

Removal of Pests

If rats and mice are the problem, and they have been inside the attic or other areas of the house for a while, trapping them once their access—and egress—is denied is the next step. There are varieties of traps that are humane, and allow rodents to be removed to other locations.

We don’t like to use poison. While the effectiveness of poison against the invaders may be valid, its use should be minimized. Of course there is some danger that pets will come into contact with poison, with tragic results. Proper placement of traps by our licensed technicians both on the interior and exterior of a home should be all that is needed.

The Aftermath

If rats, mice or other rodents have been living in your attic or under you home, some clean up will also be required once the creatures themselves have been removed. Urine and feces, which accumulate in attic and crawl spaces and permeate insulation, need to be removed and the insulation replaced, then the area must be disinfected. Again, we know all the right techniques and products to clean and sanitize your dwelling.

At ATCO we are experts in the safe removal of rodents of all sorts. And we’ll stay in touch to make sure your unwanted guests don’t return.

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