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A Bigger, Better ATCO

There’s a lot to the “less is more” argument. In many contexts, the idea of doing with less is sound, whether for economic or more philosophical reasons. We won’t argue. And sometimes bigger is better.

Over the last year, ATCO has acquired two Marin pest management companies: Select Pest Control and R. Bees Pest. In a previous posting, we described the benefits for former Select Pest Control clients, now ATCO clients. We talked about continuity, about how services clients had contracted with SPC would continue, often with the same familiar people—the office staff and technicians they had come to know and trust through the years would continue to be there to serve their needs.

All well and good. But what about ATCO clients? What does growth mean to you? You might worry that with all these new clients, new staff and technicians, the local company and personal service that you have enjoyed through the years might be compromised. You might worry that you will get lost in our success.

You won’t. Here are reasons to be glad.

Prompt service
We have more trucks, more technicians, and a new and better facility, so that your immediate need will dictate our work with you.

Familiar faces
If you have technicians you have worked with in the past, a larger staff means we are more able to schedule you with a familiar face, a specific technician you know by name and proven service.

Even better training
We have always prided ourselves as representing the best-in-class service in IPM treatments, and we can point to our Diamond Certified status and Eco-Wise certification to back that claim. But access to broader experience and expertise and more input from a pool of experts raises the level of service that we will be able to deliver. Our new partnership with Copesan, a national IPM-aligned firm featuring an online university for training, means we can pass along to you industry-leading service with deep knowledge and know-how based on IPM and Eco-Wise standards.

Local expertise
Hand in hand with that national pool of information is the strength of our history in the Bay Area and our local background. Our core remains the same. Our leadership remains the same. Pest management challenges that are site specific, and climate related are familiar to us. We know the territory and we can provide you with the proper mediation. Bottom line? As always, we at ATCO want to provide our clients with the best service and products available. We expect our new resources to provide the opportunity for us to do just that. And as always, an important part of our service is clear, professional communication during the initial contact and consultation, during the remediation itself, and in the follow-up after the service. Never hesitate to call us at any point in the process.